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Hi Traders,

Here is an update on some things…

1. The Strategies. In this system you will find….

The Covered Call. This is for creating weekly income on stocks you already own or stocks you want to buy and then sell weekly calls against.

Credit Spreads. These include the Bull Put spread and the Bear Call spread. These are used to create weekly income. We use the Bull Put spread on stocks that are trending up and the Bear Call Spread on stocks that are trending down.

Iron Condor. This is used to create weekly income. An Iron Condor is when you use the Bull Put Spread and the Bear Call Spread on the same stock.

Bulletproofing your stock trades.

Buying Puts and Calls. This is used for speculation when you are trying to make triple digit returns in 1 to 3 days.

These are the best strategies to use with options.

However, my number 1 strategy is the credit spread.  This is because the credit spread strategy is the single best way to create weekly income with options. The reason is because they expire every week and that gives you the best advantage in the options market.

2. The Training.  The Training Modules are arranged as follows…

Module One – The #1 option’s secret and how to set up your charts.

Module Two  – All about options.

Module Three – Creating weekly income with stocks. The Covered Call

Module Four – Creating weekly income with options. Credit Spread: Bull Put Spread

Module Four Part 2 – Creating weekly income with options. Credit Spread: Bear Call Spread.

Module Five –  Making your stock trades bulletproof using options.

Module Six – Making above average returns buying Puts and Calls

3. The List Of Stocks With Weekly Options…



4. One more thing.  Before you trade, Read This First –  The Top 5 Mistakes Weekly Options Trades Make And How To Avoid Them   

Trade Well


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PPS. I just finished training some CFP’s and professional money managers. Here is a quick start report I made for them…

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