Refund Policy

There is NO Money-Back Guarantee.

Period.  Sorry… but I just can’t justify it at this price.  I’ve never NOT offered a guarantee before.  But, reality is, once you learn my trading methods and the cat is “out of the bag” – then it’s out!  And I can’t “erase” my secrets from your mind.

You know?  It’s stuff you’ve learned… and there’s no way I can make you forget it.  And that’s just not fair to me. Please understand I’m only sharing this trading system and training, and devoting my time to people who are serious.

And I’m not about to send this to someone who wants to save a copy of everything on their computer and then send it back for a refund.  If you’re that type of person, then this is not for you.  And, if you have any qualms about me, my methods or questions about my ability to “deliver the goods” – you’ll want to pass on this offer.  But before you go, let me say this with all the confidence I can muster:

If you will do exactly what I teach you to do… without second guessing me – this Weekly Options Trading System will change your life.  (And if the SEC would let me, I’d bet money you will LOVE this.)  THAT’S how confident I am that this will bless your life.